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Back to the 60s

I love 60s styling. From the horizontal fins of the early years and squared-off body lines of the mid-years to the smooth curves of the late 60s, the decade has the most beautiful cars of an era. One peak inside my shop and you will see just how much I love them. Currently, my shop has 5 cars (from the 60s) in it- ’67 Chevy C10 truck, ’69 MGB roadster, 62 Mercury Comet Wagon, ’63 Buick LeSabre Wagon, and a ’65 Mustang coupe. The 1960s marked the birth of the horsepower wars and the muscle car, but it also brought forth an era of styling that was a serious departure from the 50s.

My personal favorites are the wagons. The classic long-roof family cruiser shares underpinnings, front sheet metal, and some interior trim with their short-body counterparts. Wagons usually get the bigger engines too, which is always a plus. There are three versions of the wagon- sport, mid-size, and battle cruiser. The sport wagons are often the most popular, you get 4 doors, a large storage area and it is still small enough to have a “sporty” edge. My ’62 Comet wagon is a sport-size model, though it was saddled with a tiny 170 cubic-inch 6-banger. The Comet (Mercury’s version of the Falcon) was the base platform for the Mustang, so there are all kinds of performance options available. I recently dropped a 347 stroker motor in the Comet, and there is an IRS swap in the very near future.

My Buick is another story. This wagon is my surf cruiser. Sure, it has a twin-turbo Buick 350 under the hood with an overdrive automatic trans, but the rest of the wagon is all surf cruiser. The airbrushed woodgrain graphics are the key to the look of the wagon (the story on this can be found in Autotrader Classics Kustoms & Rods May 2011 issue), along with the huge chrome bumpers and trim. Upcoming additions to the Buick will include air ride and new upholstery. More updates will come soon.

Long story short, I love cars, but the ‘60s are my favorites. What’s yours?


2 Responses to “Back to the 60s”

  1. Heard about you on talk radio the other day. I’m in Illinois, and when you spoke of the Comet my ears perked up. Pics of my 60 Comet Sedan at website listed, on first and last pages. How I found this car–I’m disabled vet and see a massage therapist for pain–it was hers, rearend had gone out, and it has set so long the engine is seized. Can’t do much work myself anymore, but my neighbors use my shop, and in exchange help me out some. So, question–Do you have the stock powertrain out of the 62 Comet wagon available for purchase? Stock would be the simplest for me to build as of now–but may have to change to auto trans due to physical limitations. Please let me know, if shipping isn’t a killer pricewise, maybe we could work something out. Thanks, Dan

    Posted by Dan | May 30, 2011, 12:32 pm

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