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Fire! truck.

The frame is finished! up next, air ride.

Introducing the FireTruck. OK, so here is the back story. My buddy Steven is a local Fireman. On his off days, he helps me out in the shop. He is quite handy, he does not bitch and complain when asked to do something and he busts his ass to get the job done (unlike me; I bitch, whine, complain, grumble and generally slack off whenever the opportunity arises). SO he had this truck, a 1948 Chevy he bought off Craigslist. The truck used to serve as a backdrop for $4.99 T-shirts at Old Navy. It looked good when we got it here, but upon closer examination, it was FULL of bondo, several inches thick in places. Anyhoo, the plan was to drop it on an S10 chassis.

Using a kit from EZ Chassis Swaps, we made that happen. Today was the first time we sat the cab, bed and a fender on the truck. This a pretty cool project, it will eventually ride on a Firestone Ride-Rite air bag system, a warmed-over Chevy 350 and 4-speed. Cool.

A very cool rendering, provided by Kyle Ambrose, KA Cars and Stripes.


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