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Shelby GT350 + Gary Patterson + GoPro Hero HD= Too much fun!

At Shelby American, he is called the CFO, which in this case means the Chief Fun Officer. While to the uninitiated that may seem kind of silly, to anybody that has ever driven with him, you would know what it really means.  If you like hardcore racing, you love it. If you get scared, you’ll shit your pants; you might even swear off cars forever and take the left-right express from then on. Either way, you will discover that this guy can drive a damn car.

This was not my first experience with Gary driving a Shelby, I have been in a Super Snake and a prototype car on this same track, as well as at Shelby’s home track at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. If you ever have the opportunity, take it. You may have to change your shorts, but you will never forget it.

The GT350 from Shelby takes all the great things about new 5.0 Mustang and turns it up a notch. With three different power levels and up to 625 horsepower, the GT350 has the ability to keep up with track-prepped race cars.  On street tires no less. Sure, they are special Goodyear tires formulated just for Shelby, but they are not track stickies. The one shown in this video is the 525-hp version, and we were passing these race cars with ease.

When looking at Shelby cars, one tends to gravitate towards the holy grail:  the Super Snake.  It is an over-the-top beast that deserves the recognition. Having personally driven both–on and off the track–I have to say that the GT350 is more fun. The Super Snake can get out of hand REALLY quick, 800 horsepower can do that. But the GT350 has more than enough power to get you around the track (or to the grocery store) in a hurry without putting permanent brown stains on the leather… unless you’re riding with Gary.

P.S. No, I didn’t poop my pants, I had an ear to ear grin on my face the whole time. CFO? I think mad man is more appropriate. Thanks for the ride, Gary.


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