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Redneck Monday! How NOT to move a car from point A to point B.

Since there has been a fairly nasty drought the last month here in Red Dirt country, I can’t blow anything up for the July 4th edition of Redneck Monday, so instead I have this–as promised I have loaded one of the outtakes of our recent video contest entry.

Here is the back story:
We used the truck to tow the car (1974 Plymouth Scamp) from the shop about 200 yards up a short hill on a gravel road. After shooting the scenes we needed for our video entry into MoVenture, we had to get the car back to the shop. I thought about hooking up the chain to the truck and dragging it. But then I was like, “Hey, let’s just roll it down to the shop , it’ll slow down, then we can drag it back.” Yeah. right. For the historical record and, as it turned out, comical accuracy, we set up the GoPro on the front fender and the wife was shooting the Canon T1i for the exterior shot.

The results were not as I had hoped, but its ok. I can fix it…. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY EVERYONE!


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