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2011 SEMA Day 2 DRIFT!

Wednesday, I had the opportunity to get in Tanner Foust’s Fiesta and take a couple of laps around the SEMA proving grounds. WOW. I had so much fun with this, Tanner is one hell of a driver and other than trying to buckle the anti-submarine belt (the crotch strap) being sucked into a race seat that is half the width of my posterior, it was incredible. I have a video that I will load up soon, but that got left in the rental…

I also saw one of the coolest new cleaning products I have come across in a long time. It is called the Tornador and is basically an air gun that shoots air mixed with a little water to remove stains, dirt, dust, etc from upholstery, paint and even tires. I have some more video of this in action, but again- it’s sitting in the rental and I am hungry, it will have to wait till later.

Update- Youtube finally loaded my drift video! Enjoy watching me make silly faces.

Till then, here are some pics-


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