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Redneck Monday

Every great website needs a great jingle, and I think we have come up with just the ticket. Red Dirt is not just a website, it’s a way of life.

We also have some new projects here in the Red Dirt Rodz garage. Our twin-turbo Buick wagon, Buttered Toast, is getting a new high-tech ignition system from Mallory called the Firestorm. This is more than just a basic ignition box, the Firestorm is designed to bridge the gap between EFI and carbureted systems in terms of ignition controls. With the Firestorm Pro, you get 3d digital mapping, datalogging, fan controls, fuel pump controls, O2 sensing and many more options. You also get extreme accuracy within a 100th of a second. The Street system deletes the 3D mapping and advanced controls, making it ideal for use with EFI systems that already have advanced ignition control, leaving you with the most accurate CD ignition available. We have the system installed on the wagon and will soon be bringing you a video of the project along with the test results.

Buttered Toast is also about to get EFI in the way of a FAST XFI 2.0 system. This is the latest advancement from FAST, featuring self-learning; which means the ECU constantly tunes the system for the environment. This will surely help us along the Power Tour route when we leave at the end the month. Will we see you there?


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