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Quickie Tech- Control Your Air Ride With Your Alarm

Air bags are just plain cool. Being able to adjust the ride height at the press of a button is even cooler. That’s what we are getting ready to do to the ’49 Chevy Deluxe. It is already sitting with bags on all four corners, wired up to individual solenoids for some front-back-side-to-side action, but we wanted to take it to the next level and add remote-operation. Using the Viper 5000 alarm system, we have several extra channels that will allow us to pancake the suspension on a whim.

The trick on this install is wiring the relays. The alarm provides a small-amperage trigger wire which would burn up if connected directly to operate the solenoids. This requires the use of a relay to supply the high-amp charge needed for the solenoids. In addition to this, the alarm trigger is also (-) polarity, so we will need to wire the relay for a (-) trigger on a (+) circuit. Sound complicated? It’s really not that hard with the proper diagrams. Read along and then install your own!


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