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Top Gear America Needs Fresh Ideas

OK, look, I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I appreciate it, but if you want to steal my concepts, you could at least bring me on the show as a guest. Back in early 2012, we made a video called  “How I Met Your Mother, Red Dirt Style” and it was smash hit. At least in my mind it was. Then low and behold, Top Gear America releases a promo this week for the return of Top Gear and it is eerily similar to my video, complete with wedding scene. Now I know the joke about dudes marrying their cars is not new, the style in which this promo was made is way too close to what I did.

Here is how I suggest we solve this dilemma Top Gear America–  Have me on the show for a viral video gearhead challenge. Make sure we both have access to the same vehicles and production facilities and then we will let America decide which is better. What do you say?

My video:

Top Gear America’s:

Anybody should be able to see the similarities. I am throwing down the gauntlet Top Gear America. Will you pick it up?





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