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Redneck Monday: How to Sink A $45-Thousand Dollar Ford Raptor to the Frame

We're gonna need a bigger winch....

So Ford gave me a 2013 Raptor to play with for a week. I have been waiting for a while to get my greasy hands on one of these bad boys and finally I get one. We had plans to take it out to the sand dunes at Little Sahara in Waynoka, OK, but an ill-timed stomach virus derailed my plans (though I did shave 10 pounds in 3 days, so that was nice). I had to get some cool GoPro shots of the Raptor off road, and since the weather gods had been kind enough to soak the ground over the last week with 6 inches of snow that quickly melted, there was plenty of mud. We took the Raptor out and had some fun times doing high-speed donuts around Lone Chimney Lake in Glencoe, OK. We even managed to get the 434-hp SVT dirt demon airborne, it handled that quite well (unlike those other guys).

Hauling ass through the mud and brush is the most fun you can have in a Raptor, period. Getting stuck, however, sucks. On the way out of the area, we thought it would be cool to splash through the water. There were recent tracks going through the same spot, so it looked safe. Wrong. Apparently, this was actually really soft clay and the 6,000-pound sank. To the frame. It pretty much just came to grinding halt in the thick clay. We tried diggin it out, no dice. We broke a 10,ooo-pound winch off its mounts on Jeep. This sucker was plain buried and it was not coming out. With a massive snow storm on the way, we knew the clock was ticking. With a 4×4 tractor on the way, we had one last opportunity to get the Raptor out- a 1-ton dually 4×4 diesel with 5.32 gears and lockers on the both ends. Using a snatch block and a heavy cable, we were finally able to get the Raptor out of the mud and back in the action. Luckily we caught the action on the GoPro. Classic Redneck.


By the way, the Raptor is my favorite new truck. This thing has the most room of any big truck I have driven, ever. My three kids were actually comfortable in the back seat, with tons of leg room. Who cares if it only gets 13 MPGs, it’s a hell of lot of fun.


2 Responses to “Redneck Monday: How to Sink A $45-Thousand Dollar Ford Raptor to the Frame”

  1. Only thing missing was some goofy guy yelling…”you will not sink this truck, JACKASS!!”

    Posted by StillH2ODad | February 26, 2013, 11:28 am

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