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The Road to Vegas: An Epic Journey Part 1

Now that we have had time for some R&R (Recovery and Reflection) I want to take the next several days to share our epic journey with the ’69 Roadrunner to Vegas and the granddaddy of all the shows SEMA. Along the way, we hit a lot of bumps and overcame many obstacles and I found myself identifying more and more with Wile E. Coyote in his pursuit of the legendary Roadrunner.

It all started out simple enough–build a cool car for the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Considering that we have been building cars for a number of years and that we had a year to do it, this should not have been a big deal, except we forgot about one thing—The SEMA Show Curse. Just as the sun rises and sets, the curse of the SEMA Show is very real. As you will soon read, the trials and tribulations of building a SEMA show car can be unlike any other. While every project has its issues, SEMA car builders often find themselves in incredible situations over and over again.

As with so many projects, the 1969 Road Runner was originally just supposed to be a mild upgrade, with a fresh engine, new interior and brakes. With the engine built and dyno’d, the owner decided to up the budget and have some fun. Over the course of a few weeks, the budget ballooned and the car became a monster–full paint, custom interior, Procharger for the engine, air ride–we even added air over hydraulic brakes. The project took on a life of its own. At this point, we said “well if we are going to do all of this, why don’t we take it to the SEMA show?” Little did we know, simply uttering those words brings down the wrath of the car gods, smiting us with a powerful curse. What once fit, no longer would. Parts already in transit would be lost. Components ordered simply became unordered. The game was afoot and we didn’t even realize it…

Stay tuned for Part 2–coming tomorrow.


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