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Quickie Tech- Control Your Air Ride With Your Alarm

The trick on this install is wiring the relays.

Frenching the Headlights on a ’51 Merc

The best part about these frenching kits is that just about any builder to complete.

Redneck Monday- Here is how well-educated and highly-capable rednecks play in Spain

The world’s smallest running V12 engine was detailed in a video we found on the ‘web. It is fairly long and the music is annoying, but if you appreciate expert craftsmanship, you need to watch this video. Spanish engineer Patelo designed and built the entire machine from bits of aluminum, bronze and stainless. It is 12 cubic […]

Working with Vinyl

When I started project Buttered Toast, we knew it was going to be a cool custom wagon. The headliner was trashed, so 1 decided to make a new one. You can see that story here- http://www.autotraderclassics.com/car-article/The+Sky%E2%80%99s+the+Limit-78781.xhtml In order to add the last extra touch, I built a custom domelight from wood, bondo and a billet […]

Back to the grind

After having spent the last 7 days playing with Fords in Tulsa and again in Detroit, it is finally time to get back in the shop. I have so many projects, I don’t even know where to get started. Here is a quick rundown of what I have going on- 1997 Buick Park Avenue- Yeah, […]

Slippery- Buttered Toast’s first drive

I stuck the GoPro Hero HD on the side of the Buick Lesabre wagon, otherwise known as Buttered Toast and took it to the exhaust shop, after finishing the twin-turbo install. Want to hear it? Just click the little “play” arrow. Share it. Like it. Comment on it. Tell your friends to do the same. When […]

Fire! truck.

Introducing the FireTruck. OK, so here is the back story. My buddy Steven is a local Fireman. On his off days, he helps me out in the shop. He is quite handy, he does not bitch and complain when asked to do something and he busts his ass to get the job done (unlike me; […]

Buttered Toast Lives!!!!!!

Ok, so if you have been reading this site for any amount of time, then you would already know that: 1. I love Buicks. 2. I am building a twin-turbo Buick Wagon called “Buttered Toast”. Well, after seriously over-complicating what in reality was a simple turbo install, I have finally managed to complete the installation […]

Buttered Toast

The ’63 Buick LeSabre wagon is not done yet, but it is looking good. Make sure you look for the full story in Autotrader Classics Kustoms & Hot Rods in May.  It’s on newstands now.  Special thanks goes out to Scotty Mccubbin of GodSpeed Customs in Edmond, OK (405) 760-6140. He is a master of the […]

Working the Wagon

Things have been crazy at the Red Dirt Rodz shop. Under the gun from print deadlines, I have been thrashing hard to get the Buick wagon to the paint booth. While I can’t go into all the details, lets just say that the ’63 Buick LeSabre wagon will be ready to hit the beach soon. […]

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