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The Road to Vegas: An Epic Journey Part 1

Now that we have had time for some R&R (Recovery and Reflection) I want to take the next several days to share our epic journey with the ’69 Roadrunner to Vegas and the granddaddy of all the shows SEMA. Along the way, we hit a lot of bumps and overcame many obstacles and I found […]

SEMA Day 3 Recap

Today, we spent some time looking at cool new products, and by far, the coolest thing we saw was the Berserker active shock management system from Viking Performance. This changes the game for all the non-active suspension system cars that road race. The Berserker is a derivative of a more complex military application, allowing the […]

Escort Radar releases new

Check out what will become the new paradigm in ticket protection. As soon as I get mine, I will post a review.

Are you ready to “Control the Road”?

I had a chance to spend some time with the Lakewood crew at the 2012 SEMA show in November. This year, Lakewood is launching a complete bolt-on suspension system for late model Ford Mustangs. The kits are true bolt-ons, and driven back to back, you can really feel a difference. Lakewood gave a few of […]

Hostess Hunters- Once More Into The Fray

With the engine buzzing at 6500 rpm, I weave my way through traffic like a jack rabbit through the desert vegatation. Unlike the rabbit who is┬ábeing hunted, I am the hunter, searching for the last stronghold of delectable goodness that is the Hostess Twinkie. Now I don’t claim to be any sort of pioneering tracker, […]

Quickie Tech- Control Your Air Ride With Your Alarm

The trick on this install is wiring the relays.

Redneck Monday

Every great website needs a great jingle, and I think we have come up with just the ticket. Red Dirt is not just a website, it’s a way of life. We also have some new projects here in the Red Dirt Rodz garage. Our twin-turbo Buick wagon, Buttered Toast, is getting a new high-tech ignition […]

Buttered Toast is in the June Issue of Hot Rod!

If you have been reading long, you know that Buttered Toast is our twin-turbo ’63 Buick Le Sabre wagon. As was the original plan, the story has now been published in the June issue of Hot Rod Magazine. The story covers 3 pages starting on page 94. If you are not a subscriber (why aren’t […]

SEMA Day 3

Thursday was spent chatting it up with a bunch of people, mostly colleagues, I have not seen in a while. SEMA is a great place to meet up with people that you normally only get to talk to on the phone. After lunch, I managed to get over to the MOPAR display, they had some […]

“Mustang. Because nobody reminisces about their first Camry”

That was one of the “rejected” tag lines Steve Ling, North American Car Marketing Manager for Ford, told us about at the 37th annual Mid-America Team Shelby Nationals this weekend. I have been attending this event for the last 7 years, and even though I started out as very much a non-Ford guy, 7 years […]

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