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Slippery- Buttered Toast’s first drive

I stuck the GoPro Hero HD on the side of the Buick Lesabre wagon, otherwise known as Buttered Toast and took it to the exhaust shop, after finishing the twin-turbo install. Want to hear it? Just click the little “play” arrow. Share it. Like it. Comment on it. Tell your friends to do the same. When […]

Feelin’ all warm and Toasty

OK, OK, I get it, enough of the Buttered Toast references. I finally got the wagon running and driving. It is officially back from a long slumber. I shot a little video using my GoPro Hero HD video camera of the drive to the exhaust shop. Enjoy.  I will have better video of the completed car soon.

Buttered Toast Lives!!!!!!

Ok, so if you have been reading this site for any amount of time, then you would already know that: 1. I love Buicks. 2. I am building a twin-turbo Buick Wagon called “Buttered Toast”. Well, after seriously over-complicating what in reality was a simple turbo install, I have finally managed to complete the installation […]

Back to the 60s

I love 60s styling. From the horizontal fins of the early years and squared-off body lines of the mid-years to the smooth curves of the late 60s, the decade has the most beautiful cars of an era. One peak inside my shop and you will see just how much I love them. Currently, my shop […]

M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer, by Buick

And you thought a ’75 Buick LeSabre was a tank. On my February visit to Detroit for Autorama, I spent some time at the Sloan Museum in Flint Michigan, specifically, the Buick Gallery. The Gallery is dedicated to all of the cars that were built in Flint over the years. Flint was home to Buick City, a […]

Win the thrill of a lifetime

Red Dirt Rodz is all about cars and the people who own them. What makes this hobby so interesting is that it takes all kinds of people to make it work. To show you what I mean, I am going to tell you a little about me and my wife, Ammie. I am a life-long […]

2010 SEMA, The Recap

Ok, so I didn’t manage to get day 3 and 4 reviews up. If you have ever been to a show this size, with evening events and all that jazz in a city like Vegas (is there any other city quite like Vegas?), then you might understand, things get crazy. I got home about 1:30 […]

Initial Review- Escort Passport iQ Radar Detector With GPS NAV!

Convergence. It is an overused buzzword, but one that holds a heavy note when it comes to the latest offering from Escort. The Passport iQ radar/laser detector marries the incredible detection capabilities of the heralded Escort 9500iX with an intuitive GPS navigation system. And it could not have come at a better time. As the […]

Go-fast goodies test post

Go-fast goodies test post

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