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Road to Vegas: An Epic Journey Part 2

(If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, you need start at the beginning of the journey–here.) I should have known it was going to be one of those builds the day we pulled the carpet out. The car was sold as a mild restoration, everything was there, it was super clean, and it ran well. […]

How to Re-Wire a Pre-War Buick

Installing original cloth-covered wiring is a pre-requisite for pre-war restorations. Red Dirt Rodz has the details for you here.

Working with Vinyl

When I started project Buttered Toast, we knew it was going to be a cool custom wagon. The headliner was trashed, so 1 decided to make a new one. You can see that story here- http://www.autotraderclassics.com/car-article/The+Sky%E2%80%99s+the+Limit-78781.xhtml In order to add the last extra touch, I built a custom domelight from wood, bondo and a billet […]

2010 SEMA, The Recap

Ok, so I didn’t manage to get day 3 and 4 reviews up. If you have ever been to a show this size, with evening events and all that jazz in a city like Vegas (is there any other city quite like Vegas?), then you might understand, things get crazy. I got home about 1:30 […]

Interior test post

Interior test post

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