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Redneck Monday

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Hostess Hunters- Once More Into The Fray

With the engine buzzing at 6500 rpm, I weave my way through traffic like a jack rabbit through the desert vegatation. Unlike the rabbit who is being hunted, I am the hunter, searching for the last stronghold of delectable goodness that is the Hostess Twinkie. Now I don’t claim to be any sort of pioneering tracker, […]

Redneck Monday

Every great website needs a great jingle, and I think we have come up with just the ticket. Red Dirt is not just a website, it’s a way of life. We also have some new projects here in the Red Dirt Rodz garage. Our twin-turbo Buick wagon, Buttered Toast, is getting a new high-tech ignition […]

Redneck Monday- Here is how well-educated and highly-capable rednecks play in Spain

The world’s smallest running V12 engine was detailed in a video we found on the ‘web. It is fairly long and the music is annoying, but if you appreciate expert craftsmanship, you need to watch this video. Spanish engineer Patelo designed and built the entire machine from bits of aluminum, bronze and stainless. It is 12 cubic […]

Redneck Monday: How I Met Your Mother, Red Dirt style- AKA- the most distrubing music video EVER

We have been working on this one for months, and the utter destruction of the website certainly made it take longer, but it is finished and now our epic music video is up and ready to be viewed. Here is a brief prologue: It all started when I was tucking in the kiddos for the […]

Redneck Monday! How NOT to move a car from point A to point B.

Since there has been a fairly nasty drought the last month here in Red Dirt country, I can’t blow anything up for the July 4th edition of Redneck Monday, so instead I have this–as promised I have loaded one of the outtakes of our recent video contest entry. Here is the back story: We used […]

Redneck Monday! Flame-on

Ok, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love hot rods and flamethrowers. In fact, the Corvair in this video was mine, and I installed both flamethrower kits on the cars, the Corvair was done about an hour before I took these pictures! With that out of the way, flamethrowers are a little redneck. Especially when […]

Redneck Mondays

This week, I’m at the Texas Motor Speedway for the Texas Auto Writer’s Texas Auto Roundup (formerly “spring challenge”) for some high speed track action. I’ll be working on bringing you the latest scoop on all the cool new cars, and while I’m out on the track driving the latest and greatest, I thought it […]

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