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Boss 302 Laguna Seca!

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Detroit for the Ford Technology forum. I was able to get an extra day in the Motor City to hang out with the guys from Ford Racing.com and the Mustang marketing group. Part of that meant I got to take one of the 752 Laguna Seca Boss […]

Shelby GT350 + Gary Patterson + GoPro Hero HD= Too much fun!

At Shelby American, he is called the CFO, which in this case means the Chief Fun Officer. While to the uninitiated that may seem kind of silly, to anybody that has ever driven with him, you would know what it really means.  If you like hardcore racing, you love it. If you get scared, you’ll […]

“Mustang. Because nobody reminisces about their first Camry”

That was one of the “rejected” tag lines Steve Ling, North American Car Marketing Manager for Ford, told us about at the 37th annual Mid-America Team Shelby Nationals this weekend. I have been attending this event for the last 7 years, and even though I started out as very much a non-Ford guy, 7 years […]

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