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We made a podcast!

Yes, we have finally begun filming the webseries, and part of that is a weekly podcast. In this week’s episode, Jefferson, Chris and Clayton discuss the 2015 Mustang, Gas Monkey Garage’s Fast & Loud, and as usual, things get a little weird. You can download the here:

The 2015 Mustang is out

I am not a Mustang fanboy, never have been. I can’t stand fox bodies, the SN95 is just bleh. I prefer fastbacks of the 69-70 vintage, and I really like the S195 (2005-2014) design. This new Mustang, I can’t quite make a decision about. At first glance, I don’t like it. It looks bloated or […]

Carl Edwards Drives Henry Ford’s 1901 Sweepstakes Race Car

The Ford Motor Company has such an interesting history, and the beginnings were rocky at best. After his first car company went belly up, Henry Ford needed a way to drum up interest in his automobiles. Coupled with engineer Ed Spider Huff, they built 1901 Sweepstakes and raced it. No one thought they could win, […]

Ford Makes Good

This week Ford brought me to Detroit for their 2014 model lineup event, and I have to tell you, I am impressed. Through vertical integration and Ford’s One-Design idealogy, the latest offerings from Ford not only share powertrain options, but all of the cars share some similar features, so that you know it’s a Ford. […]

Redneck Monday Returns! 3 Fat Guys in a Beetle

On a recent trip to the Texas Motor Speedway, I had the opportunity to drive some really cool cars on the infield road course including the 2013 Viper GTS, the 2013 Mustang GT500 and the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG, but the highlight of the day was the 2013 Volkwagon Beetle convertible. Seems strange that I […]

Are you ready to “Control the Road”?

I had a chance to spend some time with the Lakewood crew at the 2012 SEMA show in November. This year, Lakewood is launching a complete bolt-on suspension system for late model Ford Mustangs. The kits are true bolt-ons, and driven back to back, you can really feel a difference. Lakewood gave a few of […]

Hello, Officer…… Don’t Speed in Texas

Earlier this week, we went to the Texas Motor Speedway in Ft. Worth, TX for the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA) Auto Roundup. This event brings journalist members together with a myriad of auto manufacturers for a full day of hardcore driving on the in-field road course. This year, we had over 58 cars in […]

Boss 302 Laguna Seca!

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Detroit for the Ford Technology forum. I was able to get an extra day in the Motor City to hang out with the guys from Ford Racing.com and the Mustang marketing group. Part of that meant I got to take one of the 752 Laguna Seca Boss […]

Be A Hero

As I was walking the back side of Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the SEMA show, I saw a big booth with the phrase “GoPro, Be A Hero”. I thought to myself “what is that about?”, and walked past it as I was headed to a meeting. I forgot about it. […]

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