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Redneck Monday! Benny Hill Edition

Sometimes you just have to laugh at humanity. A few days ago, a woman took to the LA highways in here Scion xB, leading police on what can only be described as a Cartoon-esque chase. The chase lasted for over an hour. At one point, she even dares to ghost ride that whip, all while the […]

Redneck Monday, Frugal Edition

I am frugal. My wife and kids call it cheap, but that is where they are wrong. I don’t buy the cheapest version of everything, I search out the deals to maximize my purchasing power. That is what furgal means. That said, there are sometimes that I am downright cheap. For example, I will balk […]

Redneck Monday: How to Sink A $45-Thousand Dollar Ford Raptor to the Frame

So Ford gave me a 2013 Raptor to play with for a week. I have been waiting for a while to get my greasy hands on one of these bad boys and finally I get one. We had plans to take it out to the sand dunes at Little Sahara in Waynoka, OK, but an […]

Redneck Monday

Every great website needs a great jingle, and I think we have come up with just the ticket. Red Dirt is not just a website, it’s a way of life. We also have some new projects here in the Red Dirt Rodz garage. Our twin-turbo Buick wagon, Buttered Toast, is getting a new high-tech ignition […]

Redneck Monday- Here is how well-educated and highly-capable rednecks play in Spain

The world’s smallest running V12 engine was detailed in a video we found on the ‘web. It is fairly long and the music is annoying, but if you appreciate expert craftsmanship, you need to watch this video. Spanish engineer Patelo designed and built the entire machine from bits of aluminum, bronze and stainless. It is 12 cubic […]

Redneck Monday: How I Met Your Mother, Red Dirt style- AKA- the most distrubing music video EVER

We have been working on this one for months, and the utter destruction of the website certainly made it take longer, but it is finished and now our epic music video is up and ready to be viewed. Here is a brief prologue: It all started when I was tucking in the kiddos for the […]

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