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Redneck Monday! Benny Hill Edition

Sometimes you just have to laugh at humanity. A few days ago, a woman took to the LA highways in here Scion xB, leading police on what can only be described as a Cartoon-esque chase. The chase lasted for over an hour. At one point, she even dares to ghost ride that whip, all while the […]

2014 GMC Sierra Denali- The greatest Truck I have EVER driven

I get to drive a lot of cool cars and trucks. The bar is set pretty high, especially when it comes to Okies and trucks.  There are the standard, run of the mill work trucks, and then there are the high-end fancy trucks that the boss drives. The Sierra Denali is the bosses truck, and it is the […]

Redneck Monday, Frugal Edition

I am frugal. My wife and kids call it cheap, but that is where they are wrong. I don’t buy the cheapest version of everything, I search out the deals to maximize my purchasing power. That is what furgal means. That said, there are sometimes that I am downright cheap. For example, I will balk […]

Redneck Monday! Flame-on

Ok, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love hot rods and flamethrowers. In fact, the Corvair in this video was mine, and I installed both flamethrower kits on the cars, the Corvair was done about an hour before I took these pictures! With that out of the way, flamethrowers are a little redneck. Especially when […]

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