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Top Gear America Needs Fresh Ideas

OK, look, I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I appreciate it, but if you want to steal my concepts, you could at least bring me on the show as a guest. Back in early 2012, we made a video called  “How I Met Your Mother, Red Dirt Style” and it was […]

Redemption and a complete failure

OK, so maybe I spoke too soon, the first episode of the new season of Top Gear America certainly sucked, but with the second episode, the guys at TGA have made a full recovery. I really enjoyed this episode, save for the part where Chumlee from Pawn Stars said that he currently drives a range […]

TOP GEAR US and why it’s lame

When I first saw that this show was going to finally hit the air, I was excited, cautious, but excited. I was looking forward to a fresh American-style approach to the Top Gear recipe–3 guys with gas for blood and a penchant for the dramatic, with an over-the-top comedic aspect that is the true spirit […]

2010 SEMA, The Recap

Ok, so I didn’t manage to get day 3 and 4 reviews up. If you have ever been to a show this size, with evening events and all that jazz in a city like Vegas (is there any other city quite like Vegas?), then you might understand, things get crazy. I got home about 1:30 […]

2010 SEMA, Day 2

Day 2 was crazy, man–and I’m a bit behind on posting. You gotta move fast to keep up around here.  For those of you who have never gone, the show is huge.  There are 106,000 people at the show and it covers three huge buildings with four exhibit halls plus the parking lot of the […]

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